Three new fics, two in the AS crypt, and one in the Dark Corner.


Two new fics, The Impotence Of Woe and Binding Spike.


Received the Forever award from Fumblimg Towards Ecstasy and added a new installment to Wounds Invisible in the A/S crypt.


Yahoooo!! Donna thinks I'm swell. I got a big ole grin on. She said all kinds of nice stuff. Yippeeeee! I got all warm. ;) Donna (of Slashing The Angel fame) gave me the Spinning Griffin Award for Excellence in Angel Fanfiction. I'm beside myself.


New story in the A/S Crypt - Jealous, co-written with Saber ShadowKitten.


New guestbook, so get crackin' filling it!


New story uploaded in the A/S Crypt - Unabridged


Raging Pixie has received the Precious Award from Too Precious. Thanks Christie!


New addition to the A/S Crypt - Carrying Winter - co-written with Maayan. 


New story added to the Dark Corner - End Of The Age. And Raging Pixie now has its own update list. You can subscribe from the home page. 


A new story in the B/A Sanctuary, Candle. 


A new look for Raging Pixie, and 6 new stories in the archive. Enjoy.